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Beauty Lash

Master Bond

Master Bond

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New Master Bond, Beauty Lash's most advanced adhesive

🦾 More Adhesion
⏱️ Faster
♨️ Less Vapors
☀️ 🌨️ Wider Temperature and Humidity Range
🤧 Less Allergies


  • 0.5 second drying
  • Low viscosity
  • Works with high humidity
  • Retention up to 5 weeks
  • Transparent color

Instructions for correct use:

  • Store it in a cool place (between 13° C - 24° C), in the shade and inside its packaging with silica gel.
  • Uncover it, cover it with a bond paper and shake it for a few seconds to serve the drop.
  • It is important to clean the adhesive nozzle before closing it
  • While the adhesive is Without the cover, prevent air conditioning from reaching the adhesive directly.
  • Change the drop every time the drop becomes viscous
  • If the temperature in your geographical area is very high, store it in a mini refrigerator for cosmetics at a temperature of 13 °C. And take out 30 minutes before use, to avoid sudden changes
  • Ideal humidity and temperature to work it 30%-70% and 19º C to 24º

Consider these recommendations from the moment you receive your adhesive.

 In the first application it is necessary to shake for 3 minutes before serving the drop, in subsequent uses shake for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Time of life:

Once opened 2 months.

Unopened for 4 months.

*For professional use only

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